Hey Aspirants, We know English section is a bottleneck for many aspirants and because of this weakness they did not able to crack the competitive exams like BANK PO/Clerk, SBI PO/ Clerk, SSC CGL/ CHSL etc. So from today, we are providing lectures on English Grammar both in VIDEO and Text Format. This is the first of part of this series and it is based on Top 10 Noun Rules. Study it carefully-

#RULE 1.
With Collective Noun:

  • We generally use Singular Verb and substitute it with Singular Pronoun.
  • But when the member of the group acting as individual we use Plural Verb and substitute it with Plural Pronoun.

1.The committee has submitted its report.
2.The committee were allowed to go home to their families

#RULE 2.
With Material Noun:

  • Generally, We do not use any article (a, an, the) before Material Noun.

1.This is a gold, not a silver.
2.This is gold, not silver.

#RULE 3.
Collective noun, even though they refer to living beings, are used as neuter gender.
1.The army is doing his work.
2.The army is doing its work.

#RULE 4.
In case of a very young child, Insect or other small creature we use neuter gender.
1.The baby wants his bottle.
2.The baby wants its bottle.

#RULE 5.
When a neuter gender noun is personified we use-

  • Masculine Gender to objects remarkable for their strength.

                Ex-  Sun, Time, Death, Winter etc.

  • Feminine Gender to objects remarkable for their beauty and gracefulness.

              Ex- Earth, Moon, Nature etc.
1.The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might.
2.Mother Earth


#RULE 6.
Nouns like Million, Hundred, thousand, pair, dozen, score, gross and couple etc. that are plural in meaning take the same form in singular and plural only when they are used after definite numerals.
1.He bought two pair of sleepers.
2.Ravi has four dozen bananas.

Exception: When indefinite numeral is used they take plural form.
Ex- Ravi lost dozens of bananas.

#RULE 7.
Some nouns like Mathematics, physics, dynamics, ethics, linguistics, metaphysics, optics, economics, News, politics, Mumps, Measles, Rickets, Athletics, Mechanics etc.  are in plural forms but used as a singular noun.
1.Mathematics is the science of quantity.
2.Everybody now says that politics is not good for an honest person.
3.Bad news travels fast.
4.Mumps has been nearly eradicated in our country.

#RULE 8.
Titles of books and other works of art are always considered singular even if the title sounds plural.
1. “A Thousand Splendid Suns” is an incredible chronicle of thirty years of Afghan history.

#RULE 9.
Some nouns like gentry, poultry, cattle, people, infantry, cavalry, children etc. looks singular but always used as a plural. And it is unwise to put “s” after them to make a plural.
1.The childrens are playing in the field.
2.The children are playing in the field.
3.On large farms, cattle are usually marked with brands.

Some nouns like deer, sheep, series fish, crew, team, jury, aircraft, counsel etc. take the same form both in singular and plural.
1.This cricket team is best for T-20 matches.
2.The crew is large.
3.All the crew were saved

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